Chemin d'hêtre


Seated massage                                                                                                 70 euro an hour

Within the company , the seated massage reduces tensions, stress and fatigue of employees, even if they have not only an occupational origin. It enriches times off and lower tiredness. It enhances the image of the company and participates in team motivation.


During the event (exhibitions, open houses, etc.), massage enables communication of a particularly original and effective manner. In "taking care" of your visitors, seated massage relaxes and gives confidence to your customers and future customers. It enhances your company's image.


The wellness massage is also a prestigious gift for your employees, your customers and your partners.


Relaxinésie®                                                                                                                                                                                        60 euro per hour

Relaxation based on a total relaxation of the body, passive mobilizations and gentle stretching for complete relaxation. This service requires no special condition, it should be done on the floor dressed  in comfortable clothing.

It is mobilizing the different parts of the body, one after the other, involving massage of extremities (feet, hands and head) to obtain a complete relieve and immediate wellbeing. It will take you to a deep relaxation.


Wellness Massage is non-therapeutic, nor under physiotherapy. Techniques used are not the same than acts reserved for health professionals or for those osteopaths, chiropractors, or beauticians.